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Virtual Video Coaching with Michael Perris - host of Style Philosophers podcast

Image has been a way of life for Michael Perris.  As a video director, Michael has worked in the fashion and beauty industry his entire professional life.  After working at Ralph Lauren for nine years as Polo’s Executive Video Producer,  he started his own production company


Over the past 20 years he has directed supermodels, iconic designers and global CEOs, making sure they always look amazing and are confident on camera.  While directing television commercials, corporate videos and documentaries, Michael’s focus has always been on a person’s image, realizing it is one of the most important business communication elements.  

Recently… Clients have reached out to Michael asking for help on live video consulting.  He is now working with companies conducting webinars, small groups and one-on-one coaching sessions focusing on image and presentation protocols.  He has coached over 3000 people,  making sure everyone is putting their best image out there.  Michael has developed a unique guide, using a few easy tips to ensure you always look your best during a live video session.  Projecting a positive image during a video meeting will not only flatter you,  but will also help you engage with others at full force.


In addition to Michael’s current work, he also hosts his own podcast called Style Philosophers.  The podcast features passionate style visionaries across many lifestyle careers.  

Virtual Video Coaching with Michael Perris
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